What’s a Sports Massage?

Chances are you’ve heard of a Sports Massage, but think you might not qualify for one since you haven’t made it the Olympics (yet). Some quick facts about Sports Massage:

1. It’s different than a ‘normal’ massage because of the goal: a sports massage is utilized for preventing and healing muscle and tendon injuries, while a ‘normal’ (or Swedish) massage is done primarily for relaxation.

2. There are a few types of sports massage.

Pre-event, where a brief massage takes place that targets the parts of your body about to be exercised.

Post-Event, a massage given shortly after the exertion for the point of getting the body back to its pre-event state.

Restorative, given during training to optimize the exertion.

Rehabilitative, given to alleviate pain and get the body back to its original state.

3.It’s not just for athletes. Anyone who engages in regular physical activity benefits from a sports massage to optimize their workouts, or heal injuries.


Whether you are a gold medalist or a weekend mall walker, there are benefits to a sports massage!

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