Wellness Activity: Yoga

Your overall wellness is characterized by how you are doing and feeling physically and emotionally. A great way to satisfy both the physical and emotional aspects of wellness is activity, and one of our favorite activities is yoga!

Yoga allows for:

Improved Balance

You may have doubts about being able to perform certain yoga positions, but fear not! Stroke, the American Heart Association journal, chronicled a test group new to yoga that was practicing twice a week for 8 weeks. The subjects showed dramatic improvement in balance, and decreased fear of falling.

Reduced Stress and Tension

There’s no better way to improve wellness than to reduce stress. Ohio State University released a study that reported women who practiced long-term yoga showed significantly less stress-related compounds in their systems than women who did not.

There are a variety of yoga types, and even more ways to experience it. Take classes with a studio, practice with a DVD, or even try it on the beach – anyway you do it, you are cultivating wellness!







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