Improve Your Posture

Anyone who spends long hours standing, sitting, bending, reaching, or doing repetitive motions will agree: these motions can cause fatigue, pain, and injuries that develop slowly over time. Most of  the time, the best way to prevent these problems is through improved posture. Here are some examples of harmful behavior, and alternative options.

Do: Get a footstool to reach supplies on a high shelf.

Don’t: Reach overhead for supplies, as you put yourself at risk for back strain.

Do: Work with your back straight.

Don’t: Hunch/Slouch while standing or sitting. You’re bringing your head and shoulders forward, which can result in not only bad posture, but also shoulder pain, back pain and headaches.

Do: Place both feet on the floor, proportioning weight evenly when sitting or standing.

Don’t: Place more of your weight on one leg than the other or cross your legs, which places increased pressure on the lower spine ( and is harder to maintain without slouching).

Good posture can reduce physical fatigue, muscle strain, and presents an attractive image. So improve your posture today!

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